Whisper it quietly…. but Leitrim is carving itself an unlikely reputation as the waterfall capital of Ireland! The county may have the smallest population, but it ranks very high in the list of counties with multiple awesome waterfalls! Let us take you on a tour of Leitrim’s waterfall wonders – and give you a few tips on what to do along the journey!

Glencar Waterfall

W.B. Yeats himself was so mad about Glencar Waterfall he gave it a starring role in one of his poems – and it’s not hard to see why! Situated just over 10km west of Manorhamilton, the waterfall lies just on the Leitrim-Sligo border. 

The wooded walks around Glencar Lough are particularly impressive – and the waterfall itself is famous for its’ changing flow with the wind. Often the water is caught and pushed upward in a spray by the gales (it’s Leitrim, there will almost certainly be wind!). 

Leitrim Landscapes Walks have multiple guided walk options around the Glencar Lough and Waterfall area. Rob, Tina and Nuala provide a variety of walks to explore the local scenery, nature, wild foods, history and archaeology of the area. Contact us at Slow Adventure for more info!

2 - Sruth in Aghaidh an Aird

Psst… there’s also the “Sruth in Aghaidh An Aird” aka The Devil’s Chimney – an amazing waterfall very close to the Glencar Waterfall. Now, this is technically in Sligo – but our neighbours would be more than happy for us to mention it! Because look – it truly is worth seeing:

Officially, this is the highest waterfall in Ireland. Well worth a look! We have to disagree with TLC’s mantra of “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” – when they’re this breath-taking (little reference for the 90’s kids there!).

3 - Fowley's Falls

Situated close to The Organic Centre in Rossinver in the north of the county, Fowley’s Falls is different to the two above – this is a cascading waterfall that rushes down multiple, step-like rock faces. Check it out:

Check out the unique, windowed walk” on the path to Fowley’s Falls – windows have been cut at various stages of the hedgerows on the path. Here, the walker can take in the best view of the river. And a visit to the Rossinver area would be incomplete without a trip to The Organic Centre. The team want to inspire visitors to live sustainably and grow food organically.

4 - Scardan Waterfall

A little known gem on the Arigna Miners Walk, Scardan Waterfall is another jewel in the Leitrim crown. Slow Adventure have some of the most immersive tours around the Lough Allen area

Lough Allen Adventure is an award-winning adventure centre offering outdoor recreation in Leitrim with a decidedly chilled atmosphere, which allows you the luxury of soaking up a relaxed “outback, outdoors” Leitrim experience.

5 - Pól an Eas Waterfall

Situated just 5 minutes from the heart of Ballinamore, Pol An Eas (often known as Poll An Easa) in Aughnasheelin, is the final stop on our whistle-stop tour of Leitrim’s lovely waterfalls:

Similar to Fowley’s Falls, this is a cascading, double waterfall with a stunning water pool which is often a hotspot for locals in the summer. Some of our most sought-after Slow Adventure accommodation options are close to this beauty.

There you have it – a beautiful array of Leitrim waterfalls just itching to be explored! At Slow Adventure, we’ve got a wide range of Experiences and Adventures which leave these waterfalls at your fingertips! Contact us today, and begin your Slow Adventure journey!  


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