Who says adventures have to be fast and furious?

At Slow Adventure, we think travel experiences should be savoured and treasured. We invite you to immerse yourself in the calm caress of Lovely Leitrim, and take on a Slow Adventure that encapsulates everything about this unique corner of Ireland.
Our Adventures have been chosen to help you “take it all in” while creating lifelong memories in a friendly environment. Reflect and reconnect in a part of the world famous for strong community values and spellbinding storytelling.
Learn about bush craft in the wilds of Lough Allen. Forage for food as you paddle the waterways of Leitrim. Find out about Connaught’s glorious past on an interactive guided tour.

Choose your Slow Adventure:

Overnight packages are available as well as unique 1-day adventures. Invest in an experience that is not one hundred miles an hour. Immerse yourself in an adventure that brings you closer to nature as well as your travel companions.
Rest assured, each of the businesses and providers we work with are hand-picked for their quality, attention-to-detail, and environmentally-friendly credentials.

Enjoy your visit & your Slow Adventure!