Find a Slow Adventure all of your own…

Slow Adventure is all about creating inspiring connections with the outdoors.

It is a form of tourism which avoids the quick-fix adrenalin-pumping hits of convenient adventure experiences, in favour of slow, immersive journeys, living in and travelling through wild places and natural spaces – experiencing nature in its timeframe, its seasons and its weathers.

Slow Adventure gives you the chance to explore and engage with wild, open and natural places, creating memories through meaningful experiences as you invest time in a place, in its traditions and community. And as you surrender to the natural forces of the environment while reflecting, reconnecting and becoming closer to nature.

The naturally beautiful land of Leitrim is home to Slow Adventure in Ireland. Come on a journey through the breath-taking landscapes of Leitrim at a slower immersive pace.


Enjoy a Slow Adventure accommodation experience staying overnight close to nature.  Those who wish to have 3-4 star or castle accommodation you can still avail of a day Slow Adventure. From glamping to guesthouse and hotel accommodation, we have selected providers who appreciate and enjoy their sense of place with visitors by sharing traditional skills, local knowledge, lore and landscape.


Our Slow Adventure Activities have been chosen to help you “take it all in” while creating lifelong memories in a friendly environment. Reflect and reconnect in a part of the world famous for its natural beauty; learn about bushcraft in the wilds of Lough Allen, forage for food as you paddle the Shannon Blueway or hear the secrets of Connaught’s famous gin… Your Slow Adventure awaits you.

Take a Sneak Peek…

At Slow Adventure, we believe travel experiences should be savoured and treasured. We invite you to immerse yourself in the calm caress of Leitrim, and to take on a Slow Adventure that encapsulates everything about this unique corner of Ireland.

Invest in an experience that is not one hundred miles an hour. Invest in an adventure that brings you closer to nature, as well as to your travel companions. Take time to slow down, and come with us on a Slow Adventure… you won’t regret it!

What is a Slow Adventure Experience?

A Slow Adventure Experience consists of a minimum of two activities and includes a slow food lunch or picnic. Many experiences are fully guided from start to finish.

A Slow Adventure Experience will take you by paddle-board, kayak or canoe, by bicycle, horse back or foot as you engage with nature. Our range of single day and overnight experiences have been created to offer you a range of activities including yoga, bushcraft, wild swimming, slow food, foraging, storytelling, fishing and more, as you slow down and reconnect with the outdoors.

Explore the North West of Ireland like never before, immerse yourself in nature, and reconnect with the environment at a slower, more reflective pace. Float down the Shannon, walk in the wilderness, picnic in the shadow of ancient trees, forage for food on the earthy riverbanks. Take a deep breath, and come with us on a Slow Adventure.