Slow Adventure Ireland Remote Working Retreats

Slow Adventure Ireland Remote Working Retreats offer everything you desire from a team building event and much more!

The drive for work-life balance and a global pandemic have changed the corporate landscape possibly forever. Whatever the future holds, for the now, many of us find ourselves working remotely.

Remote and hybrid work models offer workers and the company many benefits, but do have their challenges, including:

  • Ensuring team wellbeing, clear communications and strong connections.
  • Creating an environment and culture that supports conversation, creativity, innovation, mentoring and collaboration. 

Slow Adventure Ireland Remote Working Retreats can help you overcome these challenges.


Located in the Northwest of Ireland in a region known for its wide open spaces, fresh air, genuine warm welcome, stunning scenery, a selection water and land based outdoor adventure activities, traditional music venues, friendly locals, great food and nightlife, County Leitrim has plenty to offer any organisation planning a Remote Working Retreat. Easily accessible from Dublin, Belfast and Ireland West Airports, and served by both rail and bus, Leitrim is close to all urban centers, while offering peaceful escape.

As you plan your Remote Working Retreat, destination amenities and accessibility are key, as is the event coordination. Slow Adventure Ireland will book all work spaces, amenities, activities, dining and transfers. We offer a one-stop-shop for your Remote Working Retreat.

Start planning your Remote Working Retreat today!

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