What is a Remote Working Retreat?

A RWR is company retreat that provides the opportunity for team members to come together, away from the office or their remote working location.

It may include:

  • learning experiences,
  • teambuilding activities,
  • downtime for informal socialising,
  • or collaborative work.

A retreat might be for a small team or the entire company. Company retreats are tailored experiences for teams to reconnect and collaborate and are essential for all companies but particularly for those operating on a hybrid or fully remote. You don’t need to be a big company or even necessarily travel very far to connect your teams as part of a company retreat. Our RWR are designed for Teams of 10+ colleagues.

But, it’s not all about work. It’s also about building team relationships for those who only meet up virtually. It’s about spending quality time with your colleagues, in beautiful places, and taking opportunities for fun, adventure and exploring, relaxation and building relationships.


  • Enhanced collaboration & productivity.
  • Improved networking & mentoring.
  • Personal growth & skill development through focused workshops, training sessions.
  • Team-building & camaraderie through shared experiences.
  • Inspiration & creativity.
  • Personal & team growth through cultural experiences, exposure & shared activities.

Start planning your Remote Working Retreat today!

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