What is Slow Adventure?

The answer to ‘What is Slow Adventure?’ is in the name. It is a concept favouring slow, immersive experiences that engage with remote, wild and nature-rich places. This experience gives you the chance to engage with nature. Also to part-take in an activity that exposes you to the aspects of the local area such as the produce, wildlife and environment.

Slow Immersive Journeys

It is a form of tourism which avoids the quick-fix adrenalin-pumping hits of convenient adventure experiences. Instead, it favours slow, immersive journeys, living in and travelling through wild places and natural spaces – experiencing nature in its timeframe, its seasons and its weathers. These journeys will typically include wild food, wildlife and comfort in the outdoors. They include creating and enhancing people’s understanding of nature, human- or nature-powered travel and enhanced engagement with place.

Inspiring connections with the outdoors

Explore and Engage

Firstly, this holiday choice gives you the chance to explore and engage with wild, open and natural places. It allows you to journey through breath-taking landscapes at a slower, immersive pace. And secondly, it enables you to create memories through meaningful experiences as you invest time in a place, in its traditions and community. It allows you to surrender to the natural forces of the environment while reflecting, reconnecting and becoming closer to nature.

Bringing People Together

This travel choice brings together people who enjoy sharing their sense of place with visitors. They do this by sharing traditional skills, local knowledge, storytelling and spending time together in nature. We have crafted each Adventure to offer unique experiences by working with carefully selected people and businesses.

Responsible Travel Choices

The core travel elements are green forms of transport. This travel option also involves a desire to learn about other cultures and environments, the interaction with and understanding of local cultural and natural rhythms, and an appreciation of both place and one’s place. This travel concept has been designed to guide the travel choices of visitors who seek to exercise their responsibility through high quality guided experiences.


This tourism concept, was devised from a research and development transnational project funded under the NPA. The SAINT – Slow Adventure in Northern Territories – consists of the following partner countries; Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. The project was awarded an international trademark for Slow Adventure Tourism in 2018.

The Brand

In order to encapsulate this ethic of care in tourism product we have created, and trademarked, a quality label. This brand will provide a structured approach for business creation of new slow adventure experiences. It has been designed to guide the travel choices of visitors who seek to exercise their responsibility through high quality guided slow adventure experiences.

Slow Adventure Ireland

County Leitrim with its breath-taking natural beauty and ample wide open spaces is the obvious choice as the home to Slow Adventure in Ireland.